This is a blatant attempt to piggyback off the popularity of the global Hacktoberfest event from Digital Ocean and GitHub. Submit two pull requests to qualifying Wichita projects during the month of October and receive stickers from us!

Thanks to our sponsors!

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What's this all about?

devICT Hacktoberfest is a great opportunity to learn about open source projects being built by developers in your community. You can contribute to new projects, build your portfolio or resume and make some new friends. This event was created to:

  • -Bring awareness to the open source projects that make Wichita a better place to live
  • -Bring light to the diversity of the Wichita Tech Community
  • -Create opportunities for those individuals who are underrepresented in tech

Getting Started

How it works

  1. Pick an Issue

    Look through project issues and choose one or suggest a change!

  2. Make a Change

    Use Git and GitHub to make your change. See Kati Michel's tutorial, if needed.

  3. Submit a PR

    Submit a pull request with your proposed change. Repeat 1 more times.

  4. Enjoy Your Swag!

    After two pull requests, you are eligible to receive some local swag!

Qualifying Projects

We will count pull requests opened against any of the Wichita developer community organizations listed below, which includes the repo for this site!

We also count pull requests opened against these individual projects from Wichita developers

Would you like your organization or project to show up on these lists? Just let us know! File an issue against this site's repo or maybe make a pull request.

Ready to dive in?
Start contributing today.